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PW 800 Plus vs RCBS Grand

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I'm thinking about getting back into reloading and am looking for some info. on these two loaders. I used to reload years ago on a PW 900 elite, and it was fine. So going to the 800 plus would be an easy learning curve ( I hope ). But I was just watching a youtube video on the RCBS Grand and it looks like a real nice machine. I like how you load a shell and a wad at the same time then pull the handle. Also the case activated powder and shot drop feature is nice. ( No spills ). Thanks for any opinions. Dale
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Don't you add a hull and wad at the same time on all the progressive loaders? I know you do on my old Pacific 366.
Hi Matt, On the old 900 you would add a shell when the handle was in the down position ( turret up in the tool head ) and a wad when the handle was in the up position. So not at the same time, one in each position. Dale
US Marine Retired, thanks for your input and your service. Dale

If you are thinking of an 800 Plus, I am considering selling mine as I just bought a near new Patriot. It is great shape bought new about 3 years ago. Unfortunately, there is not anti-spill device on an 800 plus.

John, pm sent. I might be interested in your pw.
Having both, I would definitely recommend you stay with PW. Customer support is great from RCBS, but doesn't outweigh the machine's deficiencies.

If you can swing it, go ahead and get a Spolar. You will enjoy reloading like you never have before.
MarineRetired: What did you folks end up with up there with the weather.

I had some customers in RI who got hit hard, and I heard from one in PA too.

Hope you are staying warm, and loading up a storm!

I have one PW and TWO RCBS. Sent the PW in for a tune-up and it cost $200.00. Sent the RCBS in for tune-up, no charge, not even for the freight back to me. Any time you need a part just call them in Oroville CA and its sent out the next day
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