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PW 800 Convertible Primer assembly **** Help****

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I have recently bought the new brass primer assembly for my 800 convertible, I've followed the installation instructions that were provided from PW. I can not get a primer to seat properly, I've been using spent primers because on every try the primer barely enters the hull and gets crushed when I try to index the table. Any ideas or helpful advice is appreciated.
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Hopefully you bought the one designed for the 800B/C/CVT machines and NOT the one designed for the 900/950/Platinum/800 Plus/Patriot. They are different. Unfortunately, the one you should have purchased retails for $150, $50 more than the one for the above machines.

You can reset the primer seating post's height WITHOUT changing the brass unit's height by turning the screw shown in the photo below.

If you have the wrong brass assembly, I doubt you are going to see much success and hopefully you ordered it from someone who knew what they were doing.

Scientific instrument Torch

I think this is on my website too at the above URL.

The photo shows the one NOT for the 800B/C/CVT, but for the newer machines. There is a noticeable difference.

You can also set the post pin even higher that what I show in the photo. The photo was taken using a brand new brass assembly. P/W has changed (increased) their primer post pin's over-all length. This is not important because each pin's height is adjusted using the 3/32" set-screw located up inside the threaded hole on the underside of the vertical post.

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