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PW 410 loader

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Looking for a PW 410 loader.
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Whiz White on this site sells them. Or you can buy direct from PW.
I used a P/W loader for 410 years ago and switched to a Mec. Had many problems with the P/W because of the different stations used. Most of the time it was when you try-ed to drop shot, petals would get bent and shot would fly. Mec allows you to insert wad then drop shot all in one station. Very clean operation. I do use P/Ws for my other gages..
yep I talked to Whiz..He didnt have any used ones. Hate to buy new just yet.
im running a pw 950 and it is showing 30,000 on the counter that was reset a couple years ago. I have used mec, h.366 and short of blowing money on a spolar I prefer to stay with the pw. DO you have one let me know.
Send me your shipping address for a competitive quote including the shipping direct from the factory.

Jim Skeel<br>P/W Dealer/Distributor

Machine Scientific instrument

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Would you be interested in a slightly used 366? Very slightly used!
Joe O
I have a 410 PW 600B with all the upgrades for $500. It loads a perfect shell in Win AA HS hulls. I can send pix if you're interested.
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