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'07 Kolar Max TA 3bbl set, Jeff Mainland fitted
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2020 PA State Shoot
To help reduce the crowds on the front porch & inside the State House, early classification, squadding & cashiering will be open Friday, June 12 from 12pm to 8pm. Please practice social distancing and limit your time in and around the State House. All other current guidelines in place will be followed.
ADDED: PLEASE CONSIDER PRESQUADDING ONLINE AT It's quick, easy & painless. Online presquadding is the only means of receiving an email confirmation of your squad, bank & post assignment & highly recommended.
ALSO ADDED: To lessen the crowds at the Classification windows, shooters can email Don Neilson at [email protected]. Please provide your full name, ATA #, averages for sng/hdc/dbl and Special Category if applicable. As well as what class you feel you should be based on the 6 class system.
We will also have Bank 6 open for practice. Tickets can be purchased on the front porch from 12pm to 8pm. Also, any previously purchased practice paper tickets can be turned in and applied to the new practice system.
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