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Prosoft Stock - LH K80 TS - Like New

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I had this stock fitted in September 2019 and received the finished stock January 2020. It was built for a Krieghoff K80 Trap Special Combo which I have since sold. It was barely used and has no noticeable wear. The upgraded wood on the stock is very nice and was chosen and finished to match the factory forearm. The stock is left handed with the following dimensions:
LOP = 14 1/2”
DAC = 1 1/2”
DAH = 3 1/2”
Comb offset = 1/2”
Cast at toe = 1/2”
Kick EEZ modified trap recoil pad.
Large left hand palm swell.
If you can you a LH A4 stock used on the Kolar Max Trap T/as this stock will likely work well for you. Price is $2750 shipped.

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