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Properly Fitting a Shotgun

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Any classes or videos available for a guy to learn how to properly fit a Shotgun to a shooter?
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Another vote for Oswald's book...Study the information in the book to understand what is involved, even if you ultimately go to a professional stock fitter. Note. however, that a try-stock and 500-1000 rounds will probably be needed if you really want to get the fit right even with a professional fitter - you can make something that is close but not quite right seem like it will work during static fitting or even during a 100 or so rounds and still have problems in the long run (which typically show up in long-yardage handicap and doubles). The try-and-adjust process is an essential part of the fitting process.

If you intend to do the fitting yourself, an alternative is to get a used Precision Fit stock, use Oswald's suggestions to make the initial settings and then refine the fit by making the adjustments to the PF stock as a good fitter would do with bondo and a wood rasp during during the initial 500-1000 rounds. The PF stock can serve as the starting point for a custom stock, for modifications to the current stock or be used to replace the current stock.

Also, a PF stock is worth considering if the object is to fit a young shooter who will probably outgrow a fitted stock shortly after the finish has dried.

The time needed to get the fit right is well worth the effort.

Good luck,

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There are videos on you-tube that explains how the shotgun should fit. Search "stock fitting shotgun" and you will get many reads on this, you can get quite an education. (pictures are worth a 1000 words) Regards, Bob
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