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Proceedures for changing 85TSS firing pin & spring

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Anyone know where I can find a detailed "how to"for changing the firing pins and springs in an SKB 85TSS?

I have the parts and the wrench - looking for instructions now..


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First, remove mainsprings. Push hammers as far to the rear as they will go, and use your 1/8" wrench to unscrew the firing pin retainers. Eventually, they can be unscrewed with your fingers. Remove, and notice the top pin is longer than the bottom.

Get out the return springs, the SKB has them on both pins. Replace pins and springs, and tighten the firing pin retainer securely. Don't forget to make sure the pins move freely inside the retainer. Check firing pin protrusion to make sure you have the right pins in the right place.

Replace mainsprings, check sear springs, trigger return spring, top lever spring, and cocking feet return springs. There is an update for a much more durable cocking foot return spring, but cocking feet must be replaced ($$$). If the springs return the cocking rods to the front of the receiver, my advice is, leave them alone until they break.

The SKB is a very fine firearm, which has features found in much more expensive firearms. They are high performance, worth every penny, and service parts are reasonable. If you need parts, call Don at SKB at 800-752-2767.

If in the Middle Tenn area, give me a PM.
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