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Problems with NOBEL LR-1 12 Gauge Shotshells?

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Problem with NOBEL 12 Gauge LR-1 Shells?

We have successfully used NOBEL shotshells for clay bird shooting for several years, with zero problems. It has been good ammo at a good price.

However, just recently 12 gauge LR-1's (1 oz. low recoil) have been separating the brass base from the plastic case when fired in semi-auto shotguns. Often the plastic case remains in the chamber, causing a failure to feed the next shell, and a malfunction. Is anyone else having this problem?

I looked on-line to see if there is an ammo RECALL, but found none.

I'm not "bad-mouthing" this product, but wonder if we got a bad batch of shells?

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I have purchased 180 flats or LR1 AND NS27, shooting friday nite had a NS27 came apart in a K80 and plastic travled 3 inches down the inside the barrel. Used a cleaning rod to remove it. I can see how one can stick another shell in and blow a gun up, be carefull with these, I have heard of several in the last 3 weaks. thanks Ronnie
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