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Bill, I think Jim was just kind of venting a little frustration that many/most of us feel at certain times when we are faced with making financial decisions we would rather not have to.
It cost me $3.40 a gallon to fill up this weekend. Probably will be 3.50+ this weekend. Last year when we were at $4 a gallon here, I had to make some cuts I didn't particularly like to make. I'm thinking I'll be having to do the same thing here pretty soon like shoot one less weekend, whatever it takes to keep things as close to acceptable as possible.
We recently had this conversation with some friends. As Jim noted, everything seems to going up to some degree these days. Utility bills are little more, fuel, daily incidentals, vices and most particular, just about everything we associate with shooting. But as you noted Bill, "need a raise?". Actually most of us do. I know I sure do, not for the sake of simply making more money, but for the sake of retaining some level of financial balance that is familiar and seemingly more managable with the current state of overall inflation.