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EAST GRANBY, Conn. -- The Hartord Gun Club will stage its 43d Annual President's Cup shoot May 6 at the Club grounds beginning at 9.m.

Three ATA-registered events – 16-yd singles, handicap and doubles – will be shot on a total of seven fields. Singles (100 targets) and handicap (100 targets) will be shot on three banks of two fields each, and doubles (50 pair) will be shot on a separate field, open all day so shooters may choose when to shoot. A separate field will be available for practice.

Five singles classes each will compete for $100, high gun. Ties shoot off. Four handicap groups each will shoot for $125 high gun. Ties shoot off. Four classes of doubles each will compete for $25, high gun, ties split.
Entries for singles close at 10 a.m., and handicap at 1 p.m.

The high combined score of singles and handicap will win the cup. The winner’s name will be engraved on the perpetual cup retained on HGC premises. The option must be entered with Event 1. One money, ties must shoot off. A shooter must play the purse to win the cup.

The full program circular can be found at, the website of the Connecticut Trap Shooting Assn.

Ed Cowles, co-chair Trap, Hartford Gun Club
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