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Powder valley has a few powders in stock this afternoon

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Powder valley has a few powders in stock this afternoon. Green Dot in 8# and Unique in 4# available. 3:30 PM eastern
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I've never used Powder Valley before, or even looked at their website. They show Fed 209A (out of stock) at $60.00 per 1000. If that becomes the norm, I'll sell all my loading equipment and shoot factory junk!
You might want to rethink that. Even at those prices reloading is still cheaper then factory unless you happen to find one of those unicorn Walmarts selling promo 100 packs for 25.00 that seem to never be in stock. and it's still a lot cheaper then what premium shells are going for. I consider my reloads comparable to premium ammo not promo stuff. Therefore I'll continue to reload as long as I can get components.
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