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Post of the year!

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This has to be one of the best posts of the year!

e should re-read Phil Kiner's post again, lots of important pertinent thoughts went into his post! The post by timb99 asks valid questions also and if mandated, what would it really solve?

Our sports history tells us when and what went wrong that truly changed our great and once growing game of trapshooting. In the 70s there was an article in T&F magazine about the growth of trapshooting compared to other single participant sports in America. At that time, trap was the fastest growing single participant sport in the country!! History tells us exactly what happened that began destroying the notion that perfection wasn't part of trapshooting. The mandating of trap interrupters in the early 70s was the absolute last move toward making the game tougher! From that point on, we've adopted and easier target to break with higher scores! What our history hasn't included is the process of how things were changed to one of almost perfection. How did that come about? It came like a thief in the night, silently and hardly spoken of at all! It was cheating the settings rule requiring specified angles by degrees and distances a clay must be thrown! Thus began a series of rule changes to make the game of trapshooting an easier game with much higher scores and yearly averages! If our goal was having less shooters shoot more targets as a goal, that mission was accomplished!

I stated prior, we didn't get here via a single rule change and a single change won't fix our ills and some may not even help at all? Our past illustrious leadership failed our sport by changing it to an easier game. Changing the proven historical track record amassed over the years our sport enjoyed was a huge mistake and was wrong! That great change was nothing more than a power struggle within our elected officials! One for and one against change, the best with words won and we all lost, most of all, our sport. Study our sports history and be extremely careful who you elect as your delegates!

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I'm confused. You say its by timb99 but its signed Hap. It reads like something that my good friend Hap would write and say. I will also add that Hap knows what he is talking about as his info comes from a been there done that point of view. If you ask me it is a very good post and if like i think Hap is spot on.

Whoever the author it is a must read IMHO.
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