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Ported barrel on a single gun?

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Ive been told/sold the idea that porting keeps the muzzle down and will help me get on the next target that much quicker.

i have an over-under thats ported, and a single barrel trap gun that is not ported, the only real difference i can tell is that the ported barrel takes longer to clean,

Why do people want a ported single barrel gun? you cant shoot twice, so what good would keeping muzzle jump do on a gun that has no follow up shot, some will say because i helps with recoil, i cant feel a difference.
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All porting is is a gizmo, gadget or a snake oil salesman's selling point. I had a Browning XT combo that comes with porting and I wished I could have bought one with out from day one.
Ok good, when i bought the BT99 it was not, and i was happy, im glad im not crazy, thanks
Porting may help you win a shoot by irritating your fellow shooters and causing them to miss.
I would'nt have a trap gun without ports. It work's for me
and no one has ever complained about noise or muzzle blast.
I had my mx15 Top Line Ported. It definetly softened it up. I wasn't expecting any more than that.
I got everything ported before I knew better.....dumb...
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