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It was a beautiful day in central FL, sunny with a very light breeze. The machines worked well and the birds looked good with most of them turning to dust. We lunched on fried chicken, potato salad and beans.
Results for the shoot are as follows:

Winner: Tie Gary Hemley and Kent Jesperson with 95
Class A: Kent Jesperson 95
Class B: Gary Hemley 95
Class C: Scott Smith 91
Class D: Tom Hooker 93
Lady: Alberta Brooks 93
VT: Walt Furbee 92
SV: John Deisher 94

Winner: John Engel 20yd 91
Runner up: Stevan Hill 19.5yd 90
18-20.5: John Engel 20yd 91
21-23.5: Kent Jesperson 22yd 87
24-27: James Ehle 25yd 80
Lady: Alberta Brooks 18yd 86
VT: Tom Burrey 20.5yd 87
SV: George Wartsbaugh 18.5yd 88

We did not shoot doubles. John Helm
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