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It was COLD the morning of the 17th, 28 degrees when I left the house, slowly warming up to the low 30s with a light breeze by the time the first shell went off. We only had 15 intrepid shooters brave the chill but we still had a good time making noise. Results follow
Singles: Walt Furbee and Gary Hemly, both B class and Vets, tied for first with 92
A class: Eli Joiner 88
C class: Al Droll 82
D class: Tom Hooker 91
SV: Robert Hill 74
SJ: Jacob Driscoll 84
Handicap: Everybody was in the 18-20.5 yd group and Gary Hemly was high with an 86, the next highest VT was Tom Hooker with 83 and SV was Tom Smith with a 72.

March 17 should be a lot warmer so if you're not over at the Southern Grand come on by and shoot with us. John Helm
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