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Pocatello drops ATA, shoots PITA

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I was just reading Scott Hoover's thread about the ATA shooter statistics for last year, and in particular Neil Winston's call for discussion about what the statistics could tell us about the impact changes to the rules might have on our already declining participation. As some of you may know I used to shoot a fair amount of ATA registered targets, but have not shot any since 2010. The main reason I quit was the ugly dispute between some members of the Pocatello Trap Club and the Idaho State Trapshooting Association Board. That dispute led to a lawsuit by those members against the Board, and an attempted resolution seems to have resulted in the PTC changing their shoot schedule from ATA shoots to PITA shoots recently. Pocatello used to throw the most ATA targets in Idaho by a considerable margin, so this decision will certainly hurt the ATA in Idaho. I find it hard to believe that the Utah, Montana, and Wyoming shooters who attend PTC shoots will be interested in joining PITA, so that the decision will hurt PTC as well.

It seems to me a clear case of cutting off your nose to spite your face.
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Click on the link, Gary, it's in the website box.

Thanks for that info. I hadn't heard that yet.

One good thing, and I hope the PTC offers it, is that ATA shooters can cross register their PITA targets.

Of course that means that ATA shooters would still have to join the PITA; and Poci would have to allow the targets to be cross registered. But I think that would very much be in their best interest.
Scott, I have not talked to anyone involved in the decision, so the following is just speculation on my part. Indeed, I rarely go out to the club anymore, as I disagreed with the lawsuit and feel unwelcome there. I suspect that the intent of the change is to "punish" the ISTA. Allowing cross registration would mean daily fees going to the ATA and per target fees to the ISTA - it won't happen.
I understand, Larry. And I agree that is obviously the motivation.

It will be interesting to see the attendance at the PITA-sanctioned Gun Shoot in August.

I wish them the best of luck.

Has there been a ruling in the ISTA lawsuit? I have not heard much about that recently and was under the impression that they were in mediation.

A most unfortunate situation in Idaho and a problem that will most likely continue to plague Pocatello as they continue to follow the lead of people who are making poor business choices for the club based upon personal issues. Shooting PITA is a perfectly fine move, but shooting PITA to spite the ATA or ISTA is not. If they eliminate cross-registration then they will further segregate themselves from the shooter base in the neighboring areas and I can only imagine attendance will not be good.

Hopefully Pocatello will resolve these issues, find some leadership that will sit with ISTA and work toward a resolution that will keep their shooter base strong and get their club back into rotation. Life is too short to spend that much money and effort to push a personal agenda for something that we do for fun and is supposed to be fun. Sometimes we need to check the ego at the door and re-evaluate why we play this game - it is not life and death.

John Adams
OSATA Delegate
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Where is Rudy when we need him most? May he rest in peace.
Cross registration is a courtesy to the shooter's (THE ONES THAT PAY THE BILLS).
I hope they will allow cross registration. It WILL affect the number of shooter's who show up.

Life member PITA and ATA.
A Facebook post from PTC indicates that cross registration will be available for their March 2, 2013 shoot.

So that's a good thing.

Hopefully they'll offer that just as a matter of course at all their shoots.
Boys before we get to carried away the PTC will allow cross register to ATA at all there PITA shoots.
You ask how I know? I just know. I received there may 2nd PITA shoot program today and it says it in there. There is still oing to be a fare amount of local ATA shooters that will probably never shoot another ATA registered target in the state of Idaho.
I was wrong - the Club has its first program available for viewing (March 2 shoot), and it says all their shoots will be PITA with ATA cross registration available.
I went out to the Pocatello Trap Club today to return an item to a friend. While I was there one of the Board members asked to discuss this thread with me.

Yesterday (March 2, 2013) the PTC held it's first PITA shoot of the year. He said there was a good turnout, 40 shooters, and that eight of them cross-registered their targets with the ATA. He said several of them were annual ATA members who renewed their memberships specifically so that they could cross-register their targets. The turnout was about double what the Club has had for the early March ATA shoots in recent years, but the weather yesterday was much better that it was for those earlier shoots, with light winds, no rain or snow, and much warmer than the past few weeks. In any case it's nice to see the Club doing well.

He emphasized to me that the PTC is not trying to punish the ISTA, and was not party to the lawsuit against the ISTA. He showed me a copy of the lawsuit, which listed Tracy Dursteler as the plaintiff. He stated that the PTC is only trying something different as a way of attracting and serving more shooters. Finally he stated that the Club is not charging an extra cashier's fee to cross-register, a common practice at many shoots in these parts, and will pay the ATA daily fees for out of state shooters who wish to cross-register. I did not ask about daily fees for in-state shooters, or per-target ISTA fees for all shooters who cross-register.
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I think the thread you are looking for was originated by V10 and is titled "TY2012 Singles vs. Handicap data".
Let's get a couple of things straight for the record. As far as the lawsuit goes, my name is listed as A plaintiff not THE plaintiff. There were 35 plaintiffs. There are more plaintiffs outside the Pocatello area than in the Pocatello area so it was not a "rogue Pocatello group" who did the suing as the other side has stated. And again, for the record, the Pocatello Trap club is not and has not been a party to this lawsuit as the other side tells everyone. Secondly, I don't speak for the Pocatello club and never have. NEITHER DO YOU LARRY! I do know for a fact that the Pocatello club switched to throwing PITA registered targets for two reasons. The first being that it was seen as the best option to get more registered targets in the air. There are approx. 5 squads of registered shooters in southest idaho who refuse to shoot ATA birds in state any longer. This number represents at least a third of the total registered shooters out there, probably closer to half. Also, a great number of registered shooters that come from out of state were not showing up to shoot in Pocatello. The efforts of some key people in the state ATA organization over the last couple of years to boycott the Pocatello club have succeeded quite well. It was a financial decision on Pocatello's part---plain and simple. Secondly, it was the best decision to serve the most shooters. There's a lot of people out there who don't want to support the Idaho ATA organization but want to shoot. These are the people who have been purposely driven out of shooting ATA birds in state by certain individuals in power. Now, with throwing PITA targets, it serves everyone's wishes. ALL REGISTERED TARGETS SHOT AT THE POCATELLO CLUB WILL HAVE THE OPTION OF BEING CROSS REGISTERED TO ATA. This decision has already been made by the Pocatello club. I ask everyone out there, even you Larry, to please quit running over the Pocatello club and start supporting the sport we all love. A bird is a bird---PITA or ATA. Let's go shoot!

Tracy Dursteler
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LOA: Letter of Agreement

Pages 63 - 64 of the Rule Book
I've been shooting ATA in Idaho since 1993. I have decided to not shoot this year in Idaho because of the NUMEROUS plaintiffs and also receiving a letter from the ISTA asking for donations to support the legal fund to battle these plaintiffs.
I previously would shoot to compete and enjoy doing it. The folks involved in this arguement have made the enjoy part of it hard to do. As TLD stated above, several shooters have stopped shooting which makes going to a shoot nothing more than expensive. I see several cliques that have precipitated from these diagreements and lawsuit as well.

It has been disheartening to me that in times of decreasing attendance at shoots, these actions have chased more people away, myself included.

I don't live in Idaho but I'm planning on the ATA Shoot in Grangeville April 27-28 and that sounds like a good opportunity to support the ISTA with my donation.
As stated above. I along with a bunch of others will never shoot another registered ATA target in the state of Idaho. Utah will get my money but never again Idaho. Go PITA!
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