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This Videos may not survive Google/YouTube/CIA censorship campaign against Trump! They have their reasons as you may find out and/or know by now. This videos exposing the SWAMP in it's core... This people are in charge in USofA and are the so called "Shadow Government" in charge! They lost the Election in the face of Hitlery Clinton and are doing everything else possible to sabotage the fair and square elected President Trump.
I do hope that he will succeed in his attempt to drain the SWAMP and bring this country back to the People. If he succeeds, people of America are the big winners! If he looses..., well, his family probably would suffer the most! Lets hope that he succeeds in the most possible high lever and gets the support from the People in America and the World for that matter! I personally sense some kind of a revolution coming to the cities near you where the people has to make a choice and be part of draining the SWAMP or go belly up and give everything they believe and they have to corruption and control freak government. Enjoy

See this article too for more explanations. Probably better read the article first and than watch the videos for more detailed info!

DHS Insider Warns "It's Spy Versus Spy" | Zero Hedge

Part 1

Part 2
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