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PITA Spring Grand $10,000 added money

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First PITA spring grand will be held at **** Creek trap and Skeet near Lincoln CA April 19-21 600 targets $10,000 added money. to pre squard contact Jim Boatman at 530 878 6066 or [email protected] ADDED MONEY JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS...
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this shoot will fill up soon
What is the PITA and what is it's purpose?
PITA (Pacific International Trapshooting Association) has the same purpose as the ATA but is substantially smaller and is based on the west coast. The PITA Grand is held in July in Washington State.
No they do not unless you request a cross regester of your targets. PITA is a old well run trap shooting group. West coast, Oregion Washington northern California Idaho. Ata is not shot in any of these states much. Northern California is about 50% Ata and 50% Pita. In the other states its about 90% Pita 10% Ata. Also Alaska and BC all shoot Pita. The targets are the same and most of the rules are the same.

I have family is Southern California and would like to visit them
and also get in some targets. Do I have to be a PITA member to get
my targets registered?
Yes! Also you can cross register to ATA but you would have to join PITA.
Not many PITA shoots in southern California.
Western Washington is mainly PITA, Eastern Washington is mainly ATA. Yakima and Moses Lake hold PITA shoots. Moses Lake held its first last year. Good turn out for a first year PITA shoot. The Moses Lake Desert Classic ATA shoot is quite popular in the NW.
Don't forget the Spokane Gun Club. They have a PITA shoot the 1st weekend in October.
Add'l info: While the PITA is predominately found in the North West but including Utah and Colorado et cetera, they also support shoots in Hawaii and Canada and, in the past, the PITA has supported shoots in the East. The biggest dilemma is the cost of attending all the possibilities......breakemall

I helped George unload 27 tons of new magnum shot on Friday..

Well today was the first day of the first spring grand at **** creek. How about someone keeping us posted as to turn out, scores, winners of the added money, 10,000 $ etc Thanks wish i could be there.
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