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Central Jersey R+P and Howell Trap Club are also opening up. This is all good news.

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Hello Members and Friends,
As we anticipate reopening our thoughts have been with our many Pine Belt Sportsman’s Club Members and friends. We hope you have been safe and relatively comfortable during this difficult time. It appears that we are able to restart operations as soon as May 22. Pine Belt’s Board of Directors have decided to reopen our wonderful facility this holiday weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday May 22-24 with the necessary guidelines in place to ensure the safety of all of our shooters and our staff. We will continue with our normal schedule on Wednesday 5/27/2020. Notice to follow.
Remember: If anyone chooses to participate at Pine Belt Sportsman’s Club, you do so with the full understanding of any and all risks that may be involved. Please be safe and use common sense.
Also know “Someone is always watching”. The Policy Below will be strictly enforced by our Directors. If you fail to follow these rules, you will be asked to leave the grounds.
As all of you are aware social distancing and hand washing are the major keys to the mitigation of this deadly virus. Along with other rules and guidelines we hope to keep everyone safe while visiting and shooting at Pine Belt Sportsman’s Club. Below are some of the rules and guidelines everyone is expected to follow.
1. If you feel sick in any way Stay Home!!
2. While at the club: Keep yourself a minimum of 6 ft. away from everyone else. The more distance the better. 3. Please bring exact change or a check made payable to PBSC with exact amount due.
Member Rate is $5.00 Non-Member is $7.00 Shells will be available for $7.00 per box of 25.
4. Eye and Ear protection is required. Please bring your own. We will not provide loaner glasses at this time. 5. Please Clean-Up all of your empty hulls!!
6. The Main portion of the clubhouse, the ATM and the Kitchen will be closed to everyone except our Board of
Directors and staff.
7. Bathrooms are open. Masks must be worn when entering the Clubhouse Bathroom. The side door will give you
access to the bathroom facilities. It is recommended that the men utilize the automatic hand dryer instead of paper towels. (Added sanitizing and cleanings of the bathrooms along with any high touch areas will be performed several times daily). Although recommended while on the club grounds, wearing of a protective mask or face covering is optional outdoors. A Mask must also be worn whenever interacting with any of our Directors or Staff.
8. In an attempt to keep attendance to a minimum and within the guidelines set by the NJ State Governor it is suggested that once you shoot your intended rounds please leave the grounds.
9. There will be no congregating in front of the clubhouse, the skeet porch, around the benches, gun racks or in the pavilion.
10. Trapshooters, There will be microphones placed on posts 1-3-5 only. No one is to be shooting with another shooter on a post immediately adjacent to another. If there are less than 3 people on a trap other scenarios may work to adhere to this intended guideline. (Ex: If 1 or 2 shooters, microphones may be moved to shoot all posts provided there is an empty post on either side of each shooter) This policy is designed to give additional spacing for added safety which above and beyond the CDC and NJ State Guidelines. If necessary, Pine Belt’s Board of directors may change this ruling to 5 on a trap which still exceeds CDC and State Guidelines for social distancing.
11. Although we love our dogs at Pine Belt they have a real problem with Social Distancing. Please leave your dogs at home for the safety of all.
12. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
13. Shooters at the Skeet and Five Stand Venues will have additional guidelines that must be followed in addition to
what has been mentioned above. Please pay attention to added signage which is in place for your health and
When signing in and paying for shooting, please follow these guidelines.
1. 5-Stand- An assigned person in the area of the 5-Stand will be there to sign you onto a squad and receive your payment.
2. Skeet- Russ Paul will sign you in and receive payment. No one is to be in the Skeet Shed except Russ or an authorized person.
3. Trap-There is going to be two different scenarios on where to pay for your trap rounds. Instructions will be posted near the clubhouse as to how to proceed.

I will be running the trap side Monday... come on out!
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