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I am selling a 2 1/2 year old Limited Edition kit of Pilla Outlaws with Ballistx lenses. I used them for one season and they are in excellent condition. All of the lenses are scratch free. The kit includes two sets of Outlaw carbon fiber frames and ten lenses ranging for all lighting conditions. The lenses include; 99H, 85G-MH, 80MH, 65MH 55MH, 50R, 40 (red)MH, 25R MH, 40 (brown)MH, 15MH. These numbers/letters are found on the front of each sense as listed. (I added the color of the 40's as to clear up any confusion as to the nomenclature.) The kit also includes two hard cases and two soft carrying bags (also used as lens cleaners). I am selling these because I have to go to a prescription and an insert is not available for this particular model. I DO NOT wish to split the set. MSRP was north of $2500.00 I am asking $1200.00 or best offer.
Thanks for looking! PM me here or call John at 715-630-6700.
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