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Pikes Peak GC, ATA Shoot

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Come on out to our first ATA shoot of the year. This is a "rocks" only event, no trophies. Program is doubles, singles, & handi.

After you run your 100 straights, you can go up and be humbled by our newly opened Bunker Trap!! I believe a round of 25 is only $6!!!!

Also, if you're interested, there is a registered Sporting Clays shoot on the 13th.

Time to knock off the rust!!!!!!!

See you there. Gene.
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Just cuhecked the with ye ol' weather fortune teller......

Looks like a pretty decent day to shoot. Low to mid 40s at the start of the shoot and the temps running up into the 60s by the time we wrap up. Winds shouldn't be an issue. Showing single digit speeds throughout the day.

Hope to see a bunch of ya out there!!!

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