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Picked up 206V and GM3

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I am just getting attached to these Vectan powders. Originally started with A1, then picked up AS, now I have 206V and GM3.

Getting into more 1 oz and 7/8 oz loads for clays and really liked shooting AS for 1 oz loads and came across some other Vectan powders

Cheddite hulls w/ primers
12s0 wads
19 grains 206V
Reclaimed 7.5/8 shot
MEC jr press

I haven’t opened the GM3 yet. It appears to be 7/8-1 1/8 oz. where does it shine?


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I love Vectan AS and A1 wish I could find more. GM3, not so much. I used it for 1 ounce loads. The drops were changing all the time. I was measuring at least every 25 loads sometimes every ten loads. I have a Universal Charge Bar so I can keep up with the fluctuations.
The GM3 powder I had was very gritty with a mix of pebbles and then a more powdery blend. The pebbles would drop a certain weight. When the particles became smaller it would drop a different weight. I had to keep adjusting for a plus or minus .5 grain fluctuation.
As far as going bang, it works fine.

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Do yourself a favor and use the press for all the steps of reloading. Millions and millions of shells have been loaded on a 600 jr. press. You have yourself a nice setup there. Good job.
Yes, by all means, use the press. Wish I had snapped a picture of my first setup with a 600 Jr. (It would have been on an old Polaroid 600 camera or an Instamatic, this was in 1970!) Much like yours, mounted on a board but I then put it on the floor or on a large footstool in our first "married folks" apartment. Was more stable than you would think. Moved then to our first home in a tenant house on the farm. Set up the Jr. in an old smoke house just outside the back door. You could throw a cat through the walls in several different places and the bench had been used for cutting meat and later as a mechanic's bench. Lots of 700X in AACF hulls. If you get everything set just right, you can have 5 shells at a time on the machine rather than run one through all the stations individually. Still have an old steel 700X empty powder keg in my reloading shed. AA shells were way less than $40 per 20 box case. I was probably loading for less than $1 per box. Good times.
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