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The Beretta grip and black forearm are SOLD.

The PFS, without the grip, is $850.00
All you need is a grip to fit your shotgun.

A shooting friend insisted I quit messing around, get serious about fit, and get one of these PFS devices. I was lucky and found exactly what I needed. It installed quickly and easily on my Beretta 682 Gold e. It was everything it's advertised to be. My goal was heads-up shooting and elimination of felt recoil.

The recoil adjustment was easy and worked perfectly. It took some time until I had the comb adjusted to my satisfaction.

Then, another Gold e showed up for sale that had a custom stock - looks like a Wenig. I visited the seller, shot a few very good rounds and paid cash. I compared the measurements of this new wood stock with what I had arrived at on the PFS and they were a very close match. So close that I haven't shot the old Gold e since I got the new one. I don't suspect I'll be using the PFS, so I'm putting it up for sale.

Shipping to lower 48 is included.

The grip, without the PFS, it's $150 - and I'll send the forend at no added cost..
The PFS, without the grip, is $850.00
The PFS, grip, and black forend is $900.00

Larry J. Frieders
Grandpa's Arms, Inc. (FFL)
340 Marshall Ave #100 | Aurora, IL 60506 |
Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm |
Office: 630.859.0333 Cell: 630.992.7513 FAX: 630.859.0114

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