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Perazzi value question - MX2000/3

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I recently inherited a Perazzi MX2000/3 32" o/u... comes with factory case, all factory paperwork, no modifications to the gun, has less than 500 rounds shot through it.

not sure if I am going to keep it or sell it. If I decide to sell it => What is it worth???
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Hard to say without pictures and all the options,(adjustable trigger, fixed or removable chokes). What is the serial number? Are you sure it's a 32" and not a 31.5"? Ballpark would be $9,000.00 to 10k.
1Perazzi -

Thanks for your reply... dont have pictures (but gun is MINT). Fixed chokes < not sure what they are - I assume IM & Full >, adj trigger, factory adj comb (wood) stock, rt hand palm swell.
I assume 32" - but could be 31.5"... I never measured, just took what someone told me it was. :-(
Jaques has had them in the store a couple times. Listed for 5500.00 and 5700.00.
what is the serial number the first numbers. How old of a gun
Trapshooter. I have never seen a 2000/3 for less then $7,000.00 and it was an early well used model. This guy says his is mint. But if you are right I will give him 6k right now.
Only saying what I have seen at jaques I. The last year. Though about buying it. Probaly not as new as this one.
1perazzi, why dont you give him 9,000 to 10,000? Mike
Hey Firewater. My point is that 5 to 6k is too low and I would jump on it if it were mint at 9to10k if I needed another one.
An MX2000/3 being an MX2000 frame and an MX3 rib on a set of O/U barrels?
A MX2000/3 is a mx2000 frame with a set of 3 notch adjustable rib OU barrels.

Thanks for all your info... the first 3 of the s/n are 136xxx AND it does have an externally selectable trigger.
Not too long ago, I bought and then sold one for 6,000.00. They are great for bunker or pigeons. Mine had light barrels and was in exceptional condition.
With perazzi's price increases its hard to tell the value of the gun. I would not sell it for 6000.00. I would say a new would list for about 12500.00 right now and the used market has not quite caught up with the new market. But I would not sell for 6. just my thoughts. Stan
I have shootin buddy that bought one last summer 6400.00 with perazzi hard case.
Barrel weight?, selectable triggers?, condition?, wood?, rib?. Too many unknowns to guess.

I once bought a "as new" fixed barrel that was screwed with. Don't go there.
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