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Perazzi under barrel ejector

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Trying to self-diagnose and repair my DB81 with a new bottom barrel ejector. Please left me know if you have a used bottom bbl ejector you will sell. Thx

I have had occasional trouble with the bottom ejector on the gun's original Perazzi receiver.

Once or twice during a round, the newly loaded shell on bottom bbl slips forward 1/8" and snags the receiver face keeping the gun from closing. Like the ejector doesn’t slide back into the forearm smoothly.

I am at a loss to understand this?, ... why it would happen with factory loads and also why does it happen so infrequently? I am a lefty... so it's possible that I "cant the gun" too far every now and then when I'm reloading... that's what a gunsmith told me could be happening when I asked him for a diagnosis.

However it could definitely be a "parts problem" with one of the several ejector parts, ... ejector spring, plunger, trip lever or even the ejector itself. It did not show any issue when I used the barrel on a second receiver I have (which the barrel fit perfectly on, during my two round test process).

may necessitate a repair from one of the Perazzi Doc's... (Don, Phillip, Giacomo, etc.) My solution 90% of the time is just to reopen the gun with your palm covering the newly loaded shells (because the ejectors will reset), and then successfully re-close the gun. However, sometimes ... about 10%, that won't work and you have to remove the shells, close the gun dry, reopen, reload and then re-close. That has never failed...