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Perazzi TM1 Worth the price?

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I'm looking at one of these guns. Here is the description and here are a couple of pics. I don't know what they go for so I'm asking for some opinions:

Perazzi TM1 Single Barrel TRAP gun has a 34" PORTED Vent rib barrel with Four flush & one extended Screw-in-TRULOCK Chokes. McDaniels Trigger rebuilt & release lever springs replaces by Ed Yanchock(Stock Dr.) 1 1/4 lb. pull on the trigger. Lever to right of center. Up-Graded wood. Kick Ezz recoil pad. Comes in original hard case. Condition 99% except for the wear on the underside of the receiver. $1795.00

As Bill O'Reilly would say, "What say you?" Seems like a good price but I don't know ____ about Perazzi's. I've seen them for more and less cash. Also, is 1.25 lb trigger pull a little light side? Average Kreigoff is 3 1/4 to 3 3/4 lbs.
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It's between this gun and a new SKB GC7 at about $500.00 less. Dependability is a big issue.
I dont think you will be sorry to own a TM1.Make sure you shoot it and see if you are able to be a good fit together. Price seems very average. Yes, I too think the trigger is a bit light, but this can be fixed. It looks like it has been shot, with the wear mark like that it has spent some time on the line. TM1s are superb target crushers. If you get it, be on the look out for a back up trigger, as the coil spring break at times, and its nice to just pop in the back up. Keep in mind, they do not break often, just when you dont want it to.
Looks like a very good deal from what you describe.

A 1-1/4 lb trigger pull on a trap gun, however, is almost ridiculous. This may eventually cause flinching if you're prone to that problem.

Whatever you pay for this TM1 you best add some money to have a competent Perazzi gunsmith (recommend Giacomo)work on the trigger. At 1 1/4 lbs. it is dangerously light and needs immediate attention. Lyle
I agree with what Boss and others have said. From the photo the top lever springs may be getting near need of replacement. Also, the locking block may be near replacement also. These are not serious problems. Take it out and shoot it. Shoot some 3 Dr. loads and see if the top lever moves at all. If it were me, I would send it to Giacomo and have it tuned up now.If durability is your concern these old P Guns are warriors. Also, you will never lose money on a well kept Perazzi and the satisfaction of ownership outweighs what you might get from an SKB. I have owned several for over 20 years.

$1,500. tops ..... Too many things to do to it at the asking price. Perazzi over SKB any day.
Any idea how much these tune ups go for?
NJCOP: For a cost estimate just call Giacomo Sporting and discuss possible problems to be corrected as you see posted here. Then, send the gun to Giacomo for examination and they will contact you a provide a firm quote for all that needs attention. So, after getting a preliminary estimate from Giacomo deduct this and a bit more for unknown problems and you will have a good idea for what to offer if you still wish to buy. Once all issues/problems have been corrected you will have a fine trap single that will run for many years, retain it's value, and be a much finer shotgun than something like an SKB which in any way compared is an inferior product. Best wishes as you work this out. Lyle
Action bolt is $173. Top lever Springs are $6.95 each and you need 2. Firing pin
is $61.39 if you need it and a coil hammer spring is $10.42. Few others I would
replace are the cocking bar spring and ejector springs @ $6.95 each (x 3).
2-3 hours labor depending on how much it needs @ $105. But before you do a thing,
take a look at the hole around the firing pin. If there is any cupping or dishing
then it ain't so pretty anymore and I might back away at that price.
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