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?Perazzi TM1 SPECIAL?

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Is it true that the Specials shoot higher than the original TM1? If much and POI?

In the past did Perazzi make a S/B or combo that shot 100% high from factory?


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I may be wrong but I don't believe that a TM1 Special shoots any higher than a TM1. Olliedawg has sold a lot of TMX's and has stated that most shoot flat but some shoot high. Some time ago there was a picture of a TMX on here where it was obvious the rib had a steeper slope than the usual TMX and someone said that a limited number of them were made to that spec by the factory. My TMX shoots about 9" high at 40 yards with a little space between the beads. I have patterned several TM1's that shoot flatter than my TMX. I have a universal single barrel for my MX3 and the rib has a steeper slope than my TMX and this gun also shoots about 9" high at 40 yards.
Answer. Just a little and 50 TM1s at 100% high
Tapered rib TM's are lower at front on barrel in general...would shot a little higher...adjustable comb a must to control height...also spacing of sights on barrels are not all the same.....
Tm-1 specials are a little later gun and most I've seen have more slope on the rib than the earlier Ithaca models. They changed rib designs several times from flat to step; then increased the height of the step, more than once, around the time they went to the tapered ribs,during the Winchester to Rome NY era (1981).

TMX guns had at least 3 diferent ribs, and TM-1's had four or more different styles that I've noticed. Regards, GAP
Yes the Specials DO shoot higher. The old non tapered ribs normally shot around 60/40-- 70/30. Some of the specials shot 100% high.
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