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Package SOLD Pending funds.


I have a Mx8 top single and trigger package for sale. I’d like to sell this as a "set” for a single total price of $1925, and need to offer that as per forum rules as I understand them. Forum Admins, please let me know if I violated any rules, I will gladly alter the post to make it compliant if need be. I’ll part out everything as a option also, individual prices are listed below. Please read the entire thread if interested in an item, I think all the information you need is here with individual prices at bottom of thread.

Please PM me for additional detailed pics on anything or questions.

Thanks for looking,


$1925 Single total price for all items, includes package price break – shipped

Mx8 top single barrel and forearm
Perazzi MX8 top single barrel. This is an early type IV barrel. The under barrel has been drilled and tapped for a weight system. Overall it's in pretty good condition with the average bluing wear around the forearm area. There is also bluing wear at the left side of the mono block. 34" with 18.5 bore. The bore is bright and shiny with no rust pitting. It's stamped 1.63 KG for the weight. There is also a forearm which has been refinished, the checkering was recut, not a great job, think backup forearm. Yes, iron is included.

Also included are 5 Briley series 2 thinwall chokes. Four of them are flush mount: Light modified, modified, improved modified and full. The other choke is a Briley thinwall extended and knurled improved cylinder.

This barrel will work on any square mono block receiver such as MX3 Special, MX8, MX10, MX12, etc. It WILL NOT fit the round mono block receivers such as MX3, MX5, MX7. Also, because this is just a barrel, it may need to be fit to the receiver you would like to use with it. This is not a flaw of the barrel and should be expected with the purchase of a barrel. I had Lucio fit it to my MX2000 when I was shooting it, worked perfectly.

Perazzi MX Trigger
Perazzi MX series drop out trigger that has been reblued. Mechanically, it's in great shape, trigger is set at a crisp 3 1/2lbs. This is a top only trigger, there is no hammer, sear, etc for the bottom. Great for a top single gun or a backup. I used it with this MX8 top barrel in a MX2000.

Negrini single barrel case
Negrini single barrel case, like new, holds up to 36” barrels. Silver exterior black interior, Perazzi logo.

Perazzi Iron
Perazzi iron, used but in good shape, reblued.

Individual prices for items, includes shipping

$750 Mx8 Top Single barrel and forearm and chokes
$150 Negrini single barrel case 36”
$375 MX series dropout trigger
$695 YES! - loose Perazzi iron

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The rib is stepped, I think that's pretty clear on the pic, if not I can take more.

The rib not tapered, and is a constant width for the full length of the barrel, which 10.6mm

Thank you for the question, I hope I provide the info you need.

Best, Jim
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