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Perazzi MX3 vs MX3 special

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one of the local gun peddlers showed me a MX3 combo today. I dont know if it was a special. The price is $4000 firm. No mods to the gun, 34 over single and 32 o/u. The lever on the single is slightly right of center and the o/u is far right of center. There is a case and extra springs and tool.

First is there a big difference between MX3 and the MX3 special?
Second is the price seem fair?

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MX3 is a round action gun, MX3 Special is a square action gun (basically a slab-sided MX8). Huge difference in value and desirability, with the MX3 Special being favored (also much easier to add barrels later with the Special).
Skeet Man nailed it. The MX3 receiver does not have the normal "scallops" on the sides and the bottom corners are rounded. Some like these smooth receivers, the MX-3, 14 and 15 all have this type of receiver.

The MX-3 Special is compatible with all MX-8 style barrels (MX8, 10, 2000, RS, 2005, 2008). Which is why it is more desirable than the std MX3.

The std MX3 barrel does not have the side bosses on the barrel that provide a secondary locking mechanism for the barrel to receiver. It relies on the locking lug exclusively to keep the barrel shut. Not all that big of a deal as almost all Berettas and K-80's use a similar lock-up mechanism.

The biggest difference in the two is the resale value.
Is $4000 out of line for a MX3? I will go look at it tommorow and take a better look at the gun. Any idea as to cost to add new locking block to tighten up single barrel?
It depends on the condition of the gun. Do a search on MX3 in the "For Sale" section here to get an idea on pricing. New locking block is around $300 assuming there isn't a ton of wear that would require re-welding the barrel lugs. Call Doug Braker, "Gun Dr" here. Giacomo, Perazzi USA and Doug would be my choices for rebuilding the locking block. PUSA is within driving distance for me, but seeing how detail oriented Doug is, I would absolutely send a gun to him for work.
Regarding the locking block on Perazzi,

The barrel lugs are softer than the locking block, the block wears down the lugs instead of the block itself. That's why in this case the top lever is more centered on the single barrel than O/U.

In order to keep this gun as a combo, you can't replace the locking block.

You'll need to weld up the shoulder lugs on the top single to meet the spec of it's O/U so your locking block will work on both.
Wrong info above: The MX14 and MX15 do NOT have rounded receivers & monoblocks. The MX3 & MX6 have the rounded monobloc.

The MX3 Special, MX10, MX14, MX11, MX15, MX2000, etc, ALL have the same monobloc that is square. All of these are based on the MX8, the standard gun made by Perazzi. All the square monobloc and receiver guns are really nothing more than an MX8, but with various added features.

New locking blocks, called Action Blocks by Perazzi, are $144.65 each, but some fitting is required. Depending on the gunsmith charge, it could range from $50 to $150-$200.

The MX3 was the cheapest combo Perazzi made and sold. They did not have selective triggers, so they shot the top barrel first, even the O/U was choked backwards to accommodate the top-bottom firing sequence. One could always change the "tree," of "Release" to a Right Release, which made it shoot bottom then top, but you'd need a selector to go and shoot the top single barrel.

$4000 for an MX3 is a bit high, even for a combo. Rich Bullard sold a nice looking MX6 combo for around $4500 if I remember correctly.

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Good clarification Whiz. The 14 and 15 have smooth receivers but accept MX8 style barrels.
4 grand is about right
In my area (Northern California) a MX3 combo in good condition will run you about $4000, give or take a few dollars, depending on condition. The MX3 Special, on the other hand, will bring $5000 to $5500, depending on condition. I have owned, and shot both. They are very similiar in how they feel and shoot. That being said, I still shoot the MX3 Special as my primary trap gun. I have owned quit a few different Pguns and have yet to find one that suits my style of shooting better than the MX3 Special does...... Just my opinion... Dan Thome (Trap2)
Let's say 25,000 rounds same load in MX3 and MX3 Special, which one will break first MX3 or MX3 Special?
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25k rounds is NOTHING for a quality built trap gun.
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Neither - I have one Mirage that I shot at least 75,000 rounds through, The only thing I had work on was the weldng/building up the Locking block- by Giacomo 10 years ago when HE was doing the work. Now that he (personally) is out of the business, Lucio or Jim White are the ones I would rely on
If you are concern about durability of the round vs square monobloc, just consider all Beretta (including SO), and that German K-gun all have round monoblocs.

Beretta 682 has won many Olympics and International events, not only they have round monobloc, they don't even have cross bolt lock up system like the SO s. They still held up well in heavy usage.

Top single will wear faster than unsingle is just simple physic, but in reality, the meaningful differences are so minimum, you'll need a pretty long shooting life to see it.

The Perazzi square monobloc is consider stronger only when you compare the two. I don't see you can tell differences in wear under normal usage.

There're no bad Perazzis, some just a little better or prettier than the others.
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I had a MX3 that I shot a ton and never had a single problem with. I should have never sold the gun. I now shoot an MX8, if I could get that MX3 back I would shoot it over the MX8 any day. I have not had any issues with the MX8 nor did I have any issues with the MX3. You have to the love the MX3 barrels and or feel of that gun or your kind of stuck with it. Not as many round mono block barrel choices out there as where with square mono bloc gun the sky is the limit on barrel choices. I would not hesitate to get an MX3 for the right price. I believe Setterman's son still shoots the MX3 I sold him, and shoots it well.
Might send him a PM and see how it has held up?

I have a MX3 combo and to get me to part with it IF i wanted to sell it! 4k would be the least I would take. Let me start by saying...mines completely rebuilt by Doug B, has high end wood on it, and is nickle plated. Now if it was a stock looking gun I would think the value would be LESS than the 4k.

IMO, without seeing the gun and assuming quality but factory looking gun it hits me in the 3k range.

I really enjoy these threads on the older vintage Perazzis.

Question... Have many of y'all purchased a newer Perazzi with the high adjustable ribs and then wished you had your vintage Perazzi with a more conventional rib back ?

The early round monobloc MX-3s were known to open up on firing but this was pretty much cured with a simple modification. I had Phil Crenwelge rebuild my MX-3 doubles gun and he used the angle that Doug Braker recommended on the locking block fit. I bought a universal Single barrel that fits both round and square monoblocs and I had Phil fit the barrel by welding up the lugs and now both barrel sets fit perfectly with the top lever far to the right.
MX 3 is as good as a MX 8 all day long for me Dan Bonillas has been shooting one most of his career. They made the DB81 after him and he went back to his MX3 good enough for him good enough for me plus I like the open barrels and rib height but that is just personal.
The MX14 and the MX15 do NOT have grooved receivers. They are a knock-offs of the MX8.

The MX3, MX5, MX6 have ROUNDED receivers. I shoot an MX6 better than any other of their models. I had a new MX14L that I traded off, and I have an MX8 combo, but is still break targets from the 27 better with the MX6, than the others I have or had.

HAMMER1: In my opinion, and agreeing with your, and if like last night, someone calls me to get my opinion on buying a new Perazzi Combo. I tell them to simply purchase a new MX8 Combo with or without tubes (I Prefer tubes), and an adjustable stock. Forget all the "fluff" in all the adjustable ribs, because they simply are NOT going to chamge POI very much. The best way to change POI is simply raise/lower the comb.

I have never subscribed to the notion about distance between beads. Hell, if you picked up my 27 yard gun, you'd see a mile of rib between. I could care less because it is ALL ABOUT the height of your dominant eye above the stock in relationship to the front bead. In fact, you really don't even need a rib; just something to lead you to the target.

Perazzi makes a ton on these "new" "gotta have" features.


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