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Perazzi MX14 rib height

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Anyone have the dimensions for the rib height of a MX14 unsingle barrel? Trying to compare to a MX3 Special rib height; thinking the MX14 is 3/8" + taller?
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A MX14 rib is exactly the same height as the MX11 which is IMO the lowest of any Perazzi made.
The MX 3 rib will be definitely higher.

Perazzi introduced the both the MX 11 as well as the MX14 at the same time when the unsingle craze was in full swing. The MX11 and the MX14 were the same price.
Each had the exact rib height only one was a unsingle.
If I might add that the MX14 rib was steel non adjustable and was very barrel heavy.
The MX11 was the exact opposite.
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