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Perazzi MX-3 Special Combo 34/32**SOLD PENDING**

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F/S: This is a really nice Perazzi MX-3 SECIAL 32"/34" Combo. This is a considerable upgrade over the MX-3. This receiver uses the square mono block design and will accept MX-8/MX-2000 style barrels. The standard MX-3 utilizes the rounded mono block and as such barrel selction is limited. Additionally the square mono block receivers have a much improved locking mechanism. Receiver and Forearm Iron have been Nitride Treated in a satin finish with the trigger guard a polished nitride . Bluing and Nitride finishes are exceptionally nice with the barrels being highly polished prior to a very recent professional re-blue. Bores look like mirrors. Gun has been meticulously maintained and properly lubed and cleaned after every outing. NO GALLING. Not shooting doubles, switching to a TM for singles and HC. This is too much gun to leave in the safe so it's up for sale. Gun is located in Florida. Arrangements could be made to see gun at the Silver Dollar Shooters Club.

BARRELS: 34" Top Single .722 Bore, (3) Briley Series 1 Choke Tubes (.704, .695, .686). 32" Over Under .724 Bore, fixed chokes (.690 Top, .703 Bottom). No porting. Recent professioal high polish and re-blue.

TRIGGER: Pull/Pull Perazzi Internally Selectable with Adjustable Trigger LOP, Allem's Release Parts to make it Release/Pull.

ACCESSORIES: Trigger Parts Kit, 4 Way Adj Comb, Pad Adjuster, Factory papers/booklet, Warwick case.

PRICE: $5800. For questions or to purchase please contact me by PM or email listed above.

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Toe Out?

Top or Bottom fire first?

4-Way Adjustable?


Stock is an uncut Perazzi, nuetral cast, 4-way adjustable comb, recoil pad adjuster allows toe adjustment as well as up/down/left/right. Trigger can be set to fire either top or bottom barrel first. Trigger drops out and a slide is pushed with your finger. Takes less than a minute to change over. I will have to measure LOP and report later but this is an uncut stock which should measure about 14 5/8". Trigger can be slid fore or aft to fine tune hand size and LOP. Thanks, Marc
Do not understand why this gun hasn't sold. Nice MX 3's are few and far apart and this one is exceptional.
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