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Perazzi MX-11 F/S

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We have at the Silver Dollar a Perazzi MX-11, 12 ga., 28 1/2" barrels, factory chokes, Sport stock with 14 1/2 LOP. Barrel and receiver numbers do not match. Gun comes in an Americase. $4500.00
Mike Battista
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Hi, Mike: I want to comment on you note about numbers not matching and I am sure you are aware of this, but most others are not.

According to my Italian gun manufacturer of Perazzi stuff, us Americans are foolish when it comes to "having numbers match."

He says the Italians could care less about matching numbers, and that we, the Amreicans, have gotten into such a pickle over this topic to the point that it affects prices. The Italians are more worried aabout shell temperatures than lmatching serial numbers.

Marcello said we should get over this. The problem is that when a set of barrels are shipped off the the Italian goverment testing facility, they have to have a serial number BEFORE they get them. Consequently, any number of barrels that could fit any one receiver MUST be reserved for that one particular action when shipped in, which makes it a big PITA: holding an action for the return of that numbered barrel, etc.

He says it would be much better isfAmericans got barrels that had NO numbers.

I tend to agree, but some folks are so conscious about this.


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