This is a non-striped receiver, newer Type 4 Perazzi MT6. Some typical bluing and stock wear for it's age, but overall, in very good shape...check out the pics!
Barrels are 31.5" and are marked 1.640kg with porting (don't know who did the porting). Because it is a square monobloc receiver with Type 4 forend iron, it can accept any barrels from the current production Perazzi MX8/MX12/MX2000 models. Receiver and forend iron serial numbers match, barrels do not.
Besides the Type 4 forend iron, if you check out the pic of the breechface, note that the lever lock release pin is at the 9 o'clock position (as on all current production Perazzis), and not at the 12 o'clock position as on the earlier MT6 versions with striped receivers and color case hardened receivers; this newer MT6 is virtually identical to current production MX12 and MX2000S!
The stock has a Kickeez recoil pad, and a length of pull of about 14.25" with no palm swells and no cast. It has a tiny crack near the top tang, but it's stable and appears to be just on the surface (see pics).
The lever on the gun is well to the right due to a brand new locking block and lever spring less than 100 rounds ago (I might've also replaced the firing pins and springs, but I can't remember). Trigger is also set up to reset with subgauge tubes.
It comes with 6 almost new Teague titanium chokes: 2x Extended (Cylinder), 4x Super Extended (Improved Cylinder, Light Modified, Modified, and Improved Modified)...the chokes alone go for over $500 (I think I've only ever used the IC and M chokes). The gun has two of the "Super Extended" chokes in it in the pics; the "Extended" are the same length as a Perazzi 1st gen choke.
With the fixed trigger and barrel selector on the top tang, this has been an awesome gun for sporting clays that has also worked great for trap and skeet; nothing moves like a Perazzi! $4100, plus actual shipping.