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Perazzi High Tech RS Combo

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Sold, not here.

This is a beautiful Perazzi High Tech combo. 34/32 fixed choke barrels with 18.7 original bores. Unsingle is choked at .032, O/U is choked .024 and .034. Setback pull trigger. It came to me with a left handed stock, I added the right handed stock. All numbers matching except the right handed stock. Selling with both stocks only, will not break up the gun. LOP is 14.25 with the right hand stock and setback trigger (so LOP with an ordinary blade is about 14 5/8"). Includes the following items not shown: owners manual, comb adjustment hex driver, comb spacers and barrel/stock socks. $15,950 shipped and insured to your FFL. There are less than 1,000 rounds through the gun, metal and left handed stock look unused. Right handed stock shows handling marks (came to me this way).





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