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Perazzi Experts-HELP Please

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I have MX-8 with Drop out Trigger with a selector. Is there an easy way to lock the selector so that it does not move? I am having problems with bumping the selector and the gun firing both barrels at once. I leave it most the time with bottom barrel firing first. I shoot Right Handed so the selector is set to the right.

J. Michael Plaxco
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You have the external selector just behind the trigger that slides left and right??? Must be, because an internally selectable would be impossible to change without removing the trigger first.

It (the selector) should have a good deal of resistance to resist movement. I shoot one and I really have to push on the selector to get it to move.

I am thinking that internally, you either have a fatigued or broken spring that helps to provide a detent.

Also, you must be sliding it just a small amount to get the sear tree to be exactly situated to cause it to double.

I would suggest disassembling it and check for wear/broken spring. Also, perhaps s smack in the right place to add some resistance. A good gunsmith should probably be competent enough to succeed at this task.

Whiz White
I can also fix this. I am in South Dakota so the location may not be convenient for you.

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