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perazzi differences

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Looking to buy a perazzi, but only wanting to spend around 5,000. Which is the best buy? Wanting a combo. looking at an mx5, mx14, and mx15. What is the difference between these guns?
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You may also want to look at an MX3 Special Combo.

Ron Schroer

Sun City, TX
MX15 is a 6 notch adjustable rib Unsingle without an O/U barrel set and may be a little difficult to find a O/U barrel set that corresponds without comb adjustment. MX14 is fixed rib Unsingle and may be a factory combo.
Several MX-8 combos for sale on here.

MX-8 combo: top single fixed rib with fixed rib O/U.

MX-2000 combo: Unsingle with adjustable rib and fixed rib O/U.

MX-15 unsingle only with adjustable rib. No O/U. (Mike TMX is right about it being hard to find an O/U with identical matching rib heights)

MX-3 Special combo: fixed rib top single with fixed rib O/U.

Hope this helps.
Does the MX5 Kick harder that the other guns?
MX-5 is just MX-8's ugly sister. (plain receiver, no engraving or scalloping)

What makes them kick is the wood....not the iron. Stocks that don't fit will put a beating on you.
check this one out.....good older gun with 2 forearms and factory chokes.

MX-8 combo $3495.00
The mx5 is the round mono block reciever. Mx8 barrels will not work with it. It is also a non drop out trigger.

Also a mx2000/8 is a fixed rib top single combo with a mx 2000 engraved receiver.

A mx2000 is a 5 notch adjustable rib unsingle, they do not make an adjustable rib OU that matches exactly with it.

A mx2000rs is a 4 notch unsingle with matching OU with adjustable rib and the engraved 2000 receiver. The mx10 rs is the same gun without the engraved mx2000 receiver.

The mx10 is an adjustable rib top single with matching OU. These are 4 notch as well.

Hope this helps.

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Joe's right on the MX2000/8....I stand corrected.
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