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Perazzi 34

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TM1 vs. TMS...

what's the difference?

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The Winchester Import Perazzi TMS became available in the USA in 1977. They were bascially identical in design and function to the Ithaca Import TM1 with a few improvements. The forearm wood was narrowed...a coil spring replaced the leaf spring in the removeable trigger assembly and the wide flat step rib was machined to a very desireable tapered rib.

As mentioned above, the biggest difference was the inclusion of Factory OEM Type I choke tubes which were introduced on the MT6 and Competition IV models. As ammunition quality improved and the paper wad was replaced with the platic cup design wad, many shooters moved away from the old .042" Extra Full fixed choke. The removeable choke tube allowed shooters to open the choke without replacing or permanently altering the barrel.

The Winchester Import TMS and TM1 were the last models imported prior to the establishment of Perazzi USA, Rome New York. They imported the TM1, TMX and the TM1 and TMX Special.

This particular TMS includes several note worthy performance enhancements:

The butt stock has an aftermarket adjustable comb ($250 value). This feature was not available from the factory.

The barrel has been ported, back bored to .740" and the forcing cone has been lengthened. Those modifications improve pattern quality and reduce felt recoil. The addition of the Stu Wright Custom choke tube gives this TMS an edge in 27 yard competition or a friendly Annie Oakley.

The Perazzi SBT is still the standard by which all the others are measured...
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