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Here it it for yourself HB 760.... the registration of ALL firearms in PA - NOTE the fingerprint requirement - (I thought only criminals only needed to be fingerprinted) Note you need to have in your possession at all time your firearm registration certificate to possess your firearm. You will have to re-register your gun at 10 bucks per a gun every year forever OR face the confiscation of it and criminal prosecution for failing to maintain the registration will be the next change for this law once this one is enacted (the violation in this law is a summary offense right now).

If you think this will not pass you should study the results of PA 2006 state Representatives election results - Gun owners lost well over 30 solid pro-gun voting people. There are over well over 40 new elected state Representative that who knows how they will vote. The solid pro gun votes in the PA House of Representatives to stop this, and other, Bills does NOT EXIST in 2007 - You must personality get involved to stop this. Note there are lots of other anti-gun bills such as this that are also introduced in the PA state house. There are 11 Gun Violence Hearings being held across this state by the House Judiciary Committee to set the stage for ANOTHER huge fight on gun control and to pass this legislation.

On April 24, 2007 there is a Harrisburg Pro 2nd Amendment News Conference and Grassroots Lobbying Day that will give gun owners the opportunity to see pro-gun legislation introduced and to participate in ‘actual’ lobbying legislators utilizing team concepts. For more information on how YOU can help go to to see how you can fight to keep your gun rights OR get ready to deal with the consequences of this bill become a law that you are subjected to.

IF you think this HB 760 or other anti-gun bills will never, ever have a chance at passing into a state law, then MY question to you is;
Why, were you planning on personally doing something to help fight in stopping this anti-gun bill from become a law for a change?
Not giving your money for someone else to doing your fighting for you, I mean you calling, writing, going to Harrisburg to helping to stop this and other anti-gun bills from becoming a laws. Gun Owners, DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE TO SPEAK UP...... think it won't happen here in PA - do nothing and WATCH it happen (remember gun owners in California and New Jersey said the same thing)!




No. 760 Session of 2007


CURRY, MARCH 19, 2007





1 Relating to firearm registration; providing for duties of the
2 Pennsylvania State Police; and imposing penalties.
3 The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
4 hereby enacts as follows:
5 Section 1. Short title.
6 This act shall be known and may be cited as the Firearm
7 Registration Act.
8 Section 2. Definitions.
9 The following words and phrases when used in this act shall
10 have the meanings given to them in this section unless the
11 context clearly indicates otherwise:
12 "Antique firearm." Includes:
13 (1) Any firearm, including any firearm with a matchlock,
14 flintlock, percussion cap or similar type of ignition system,
15 manufactured in or before 1898.
16 (2) Any replica of any firearm described in paragraph
17 (1) if the replica:
1 (i) is not designed or redesigned for using rimfire
2 or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition; or
3 (ii) uses rimfire or conventional centerfire
4 ammunition that is no longer manufactured in the United
States and that is not readily available in the ordinary
6 channels of commercial trade.
7 (3) Any firearm, other than a machine gun, which,
8 although designed as a weapon, the Pennsylvania State Police
9 finds by reason of the date of its manufacture, value, design
10 and other characteristics is primarily a collector's item and
11 is not likely to be used as a weapon.
12 "Firearm." A weapon which will or is designed or restored to
13 expel a projectile or projectiles by the action of any
14 explosive, the frame or receiver of any such device or any
15 firearm muffler or silencer. The term shall not include:
16 (1) Antique firearms.
17 (2) Any device used exclusively for line-throwing,
18 signaling or safety and
required or recommended by the United
19 States Coast Guard or Interstate Commerce Commission.
20 (3) Any device used exclusively for firing explosives,
21 rivets, stud cartridges or any similar industrial ammunition
22 incapable of use as a weapon.
23 Section 3. Registration.
24 (a) General rule.--All firearms in this Commonwealth shall
25 be registered in accordance with this section. It shall be the
26 duty of a person owning or possessing any firearm to cause the
27 firearm to be registered. No person within this Commonwealth may
28 possess, harbor, have under the person's control, transfer,
29 offer for sale, sell, give, deliver or accept any firearm unless
30 the person is the holder of a valid registration certificate for
20070H0760B0881 - 2 -
1 the firearm. No person within this Commonwealth may possess,
2 harbor, have under the person's control, transfer, offer for
3 sale, sell, deliver or accept any firearm which
4 unregisterable under this act.
5 (b) Nonapplicability.--This section shall not apply to:
6 (1) Firearms owned or under the direct control or
7 custody of any Federal, State or local governmental authority
8 maintained in the course of its official duties.
9 (2) Duty-related firearms owned and possessed by law
10 enforcement officers who are not residents of this
11 Commonwealth.
12 (3) Duty-related firearms owned and possessed by
13 corrections
officers who are not residents of this
14 Commonwealth.
15 (4) Firearms owned, manufactured or processed by
16 licensed manufacturers of firearms, bulk transporters or
17 licensed sellers of firearms at wholesale or retail, provided
18 that such persons have all licenses required by law.
19 (5) Any nonresident of this Commonwealth participating
20 in any lawful recreational firearm-related activity in this
21 Commonwealth, or on the way to or from the firearm-related
22 activity in another jurisdiction, provided that the
23 possession or control of the firearm is lawful in the
24 jurisdiction in which the individual resides and that the
25 weapon is either:
26 (i) Broken down in a nonfunctioning state.
27 (ii) Unloaded and enclosed in a case, firearm-
28 carrying box, shipping box or other container.
29 (6) Private security personnel who possess or control
30 any firearm or ammunition within this Commonwealth. Firearms
20070H0760B0881 - 3 -
1 under this paragraph shall be owned and maintained by the
2 security firm
employing the security personnel and shall be
3 registered by the security firm in accordance with this
4 section.
5 Section 4. Insurance.
6 (a) General rule.--No registration certificate shall be
7 issued to any person unless the person:
8 (1) Has not been convicted of a crime of violence.
9 (2) Has not been convicted within the five years prior
10 to the application of any violation of any law relating to
11 the use, possession or sale of any narcotic or dangerous
12 drug.
13 (3) Is not otherwise ineligible to possess a firearm
14 under any Federal or State law.
15 (b)
Application.--Every person who is required to register a
16 firearm under this act shall obtain an application for
17 registration of the firearm from the Pennsylvania State Police.
18 The application shall be in writing and sworn under oath and
19 shall require the following information:
20 (1) The name, home and business address, telephone
21 number, date of birth and Social Security number of the
22 applicant.
23 (2) The age, sex and citizenship of the applicant.
24 (3) The name of the manufacturer, the caliber or gauge,
25 the model, type and serial number of each firearm to be
26 registered.
27 (4) Two photographs taken within 30 days immediately
28 prior to the date of filing the application equivalent to
29 passport size showing the full face, head and shoulders of
30 the applicant in a clear and distinguishing manner.
20070H0760B0881 - 4 -
(5) Additional information as the Pennsylvania State
2 Police may deem necessary to process the application.
3 (c) Fingerprinting.--The applicant or registrant shall
4 submit to fingerprinting by the Pennsylvania State Police
5 accordance with procedures and regulations prescribed by the
6 Pennsylvania State Police.
7 (d) Records.--The Pennsylvania State Police shall cause to
8 be kept an accurate record of each application received and
9 acted upon together with all other information and
10 pertaining to the application on all applications for owner's
11 registration certificates issued or denied under this act.
12 Applications for owner's registration certificates shall be
13 numbered in consecutive numbers as filed, and each certificate
14 issued shall be identified with the duplicate number of
15 application upon which it was issued and shall expire
16 automatically one year from the date of issuance.
17 (e) Background check.--The Pennsylvania State Police shall
18 conduct a criminal background check on the applicant to ensure
19 compliance with
this section. No application may be approved
20 until and unless a criminal background check is completed.
21 (f) Procedure.--Within 30 days of receipt of an application,
22 the Pennsylvania State Police, after consideration of the
23 application for an owner's registration certificate and all
24 information
obtained relative to the application, shall either
25 approve or deny the application and notify the applicant in
26 writing of the determination.
27 (g) Approval.--In the event the application is approved, the
28 Pennsylvania State Police shall issue to the applicant an
29 owner's registration certificate which shall contain the
30 applicant's name, residence, date of birth, photograph and other
20070H0760B0881 - 5 -
1 personal information as may be required by the Pennsylvania
2 State Police. The owner's registration certificate shall not be
3 transferable and shall be carried simultaneously with the
4 firearm and shall be exhibited to any police officer upon demand
5 for inspection. Registration shall not make lawful the carrying
6 or possessing of a firearm if prohibited by law.
7 (h)
Denial.--In the event the application is denied, the
8 Pennsylvania State Police shall inform the applicant in writing
9 of the denial. Any applicant who believes that the applicant's
10 application is wrongfully denied may, within ten days after
11 receiving notice of the denial, file a written appeal of the
12 denial in accordance with 2 Pa.C.S. (relating to administrative
13 law and procedure). Within three days after notification of a
14 decision unfavorable to the applicant and all time for appeal
15 having expired, the applicant shall surrender to the
16 Pennsylvania State Police the firearm for which the applicant
17 was denied
18 (i) Renewal.--Each registrant must renew registration
19 annually. Applications for renewal shall be made by a registrant
20 60 days prior to the expiration of the current registration
21 certificate.
22 Section 5. Additional duties of registrant.
23 Each person holding a registration certificate shall:
24 (1) Notify the Pennsylvania State Police of:
25 (i) The loss, theft or destruction of the
26 registration certificate or of a registered firearm
27 within 48 hours of the discovery of the loss, theft or
28 destruction.
29 (ii) A change in any of the information appearing on
30 the registration certificate within 48 hours.
20070H0760B0881 - 6 -
1 (iii)
The sale, transfer or other disposition of the
2 firearm not less than 48 hours prior to delivery.
3 (2) Return to the Pennsylvania State Police the
4 registrant's copy of the registration certificate for any
5 firearm which is lost, stolen, destroyed or otherwise
6 disposed of within 48 hours.
7 (3) Keep any firearm in the registrant's possession
8 unloaded and disassembled or bound by a trigger lock, gun
9 safe or similar device unless the firearm is in the
10 registrant's immediate possession and control while at the
11 registrant's place of residence or business or while being
12 used for lawful recreational purposes within this
13 Commonwealth. This paragraph shall not apply to law
14 enforcement personnel or security personnel while in the
15 course of their employment.
16 Section 6. Application fee.
17 A nonrefundable fee of $10 per firearm shall accompany each
18 application for registration of a firearm and renewal of
19 registration of a firearm.
20 Section 7. Penalty.
21 A person who violates this act commits a summary offense.
22 Section 8. Regulations.
23 The Pennsylvania State Police shall promulgate rules and
24 regulations for the implementation of this act.
25 Section 9. Acquisition or possession prohibited by law.
26 Nothing in this act shall make lawful the acquisition or
27 possession of firearms or firearm accessories which is otherwise
28 prohibited by law.
29 Section 10. Effective date.
30 This act shall take effect in 180 days.
A23L44DMS/20070H0760B0881 - 7 -

here is the link to the HB 760 bill on the states web

Gey involed and So something before you have to pay a yearly 10 buck per a gun fee for the privilege of being allowed to posses a firearm. Its ONLY a RIGHT IF you fight to keep it

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Use the Canadian example of the cost and uselessness of a registry. The cost is estimated to be between $2 and $3 billion and it hasn't helped solve a single crime after almost a decade. Remember, only the law-abiding will register firearms. Bill Malcolm

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I get this info in an e-mail friday morning at the office. All 7 of us there are shooters, either trap or skeet . i clicked on the link to the bill and it wouldnt open,m imagint that . Farther down i clicked on the link to our local house guy. E-mailed him and cc'd everyone i knew. Asked him to respond. He is a Dem lol. All the guys went to lunch just down the block except me . Guess who they ran into? He was immediately on the hot seat lol. He kept saying " dont worry , dont worry ". Im curious as to what his response to my mail will be. I suggest ya dont sit back and loaf . Take the time to contact your rep and express your displeasure.

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I guess the only good thing about this is PA has the largest (almost positive) state government in the country. We have 203 House Reps, and 50 Senators. It has to go through both houses Exactly the same or it gets sent to a Conference committee to resolved. If it doesn't get resolved, it gets trashed.

Then it has to be signed or vetoed by the Governor. Big Ed supports "maintaining and streghthening gun registration laws".

Lets hope bureaucracy takes care of the bill or it gets pigeonholed or something. Its pretty tough to get stuff as volatile as this passed in such a huge bureaucracy.

I really can not see a $10 ANNUAL re-registration ever flying through both houses as it stands.

Do I have a problem if it was a one time registration type thing, Yes, but not nearly the abortion of having to re-register every year.
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