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Pelican Cases

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How many of you use them ? I also don't understand why they don't offer them with interiors like Americase for. Autos or O/U pre-cut. Pelican makes tough cases but the whole idea of one has to cut them out by ones self is BS,
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skb makes one that like pelican with precut foam
That's what I'm looking for, but for a Auto. Thanks gilbo. I did not see one on SKB web site
You can order fitted or cut to your gun shape from Pelican.
yea the price they charge to cut the foam to shape, is outrageous, almost as much as another case
I ordered a Pelican 1700 case and had it cut to fit 3 barrels along with the receiver and forend and it was perfect. I laid the pieces out on paper that I cut to the size of foam and drew around them and shipped the paper as a pattern.
I bought mine 20 years ago when Browning was selling them as a "Travel Vault". My Ljutic and Browning have lived in it ever since. A bit heavy but worth it. The best out there IMHO.

Ron Burr

If you are really being charged as much as the case, then I suggest that you look around at different places to buy them. Getting custom foam cut should be no more than $30-$50 for a medium to large case. The place I used was in San Diego and is a direct distributor for Pelican. I can't remember their name but their prices were far below MSRP and they offered custom foam cutting at a very reasonable price.
I have a Nasco case that holds an auto in the top half and aO/U and tubes in the bottom up to 35 inches I believe. $350 plus shipping. Very nice condition with a black interior.No longer made.Jeff
avaldes, hook a fellow shooter out with a name and number, see that what i thought about the price should b like 30-50 tops
the place i had price up the foam was called ,

when the lady sent me the estimate, i sent her email that i wanted just the foam , not foam and case, and she goes, that price is just for the foam, then i was like thanks but no thanks
I called Pelican today & talked to a Lady & it was a waste of my time. To say customer service is lacking would be Kind. I was told to call Custom Packaging Design who makes there Foam for the Pelican cases & again talked to a Lady, more waste of time. If one was to put foam in Pelican Cases to the shapes of Firearms in Autos & Pumps, O/U or S/S or Combo Guns they would have something. But I guess the Customers don't know what he wants, according to Pelican there are to many types of firearms to make different foam for. That's the Stupidest thing I have heard today.
There are several videos on youtube showing how people cut the foam using a variety of tools. The most popular is an electric carving knife as I recall.

Gene in Illinois
Yup...the electric carving knife is the way to works...besides, if you have any accoutrements you put in your case, you can "customize" it to fit perfectly.....get the electric carving knife, go to YOUTUBE and stop whining!
I use a soft camera case made of cordura that is made to the size of the pelican case I keep it in. If you could find a fitted soft case that was made for going into a pelican that would work out very nice.
I am the director of photography at a Daily newspaper and I have purchased several pelican cases for long telephoto lenses and other gear. I personally don't like the cut out foam but for a little more money you can get a custom more dense foam designed by customer and cut by pelican or a distributor. If you go that route you will never have to replace foam like you would with the cutout kind. Here is a link to one company

I hope this helps
Well Bangalore I had never heard of useing a electric knife till I posted here & Pelican did not tell me either. What sucks is I gave away a brand new electric knife about 7 months ago just did not use it. So the Whining will begin. I guess I will have to go buy another one. I still feel Pelican should have the foam precut for Autos &Pumps, O/U, & Combos, just 3 patterns for shotguns. I guess I'm asking for to much & the Customer is never right ?
Pelican offers "pick and pluck" foam in some of its cases, but solid foam has shown that it can be more durable... plus you want to make the cut a bit smaller to securely encase the firearm components...

Seriously now, can you imagine Pelican offering three designs... and then a "gun" gets damaged - would the customer be right in suing Pelican for negligence? Maybe they should CAD every firearm, so that on the chance you want to have your gun's outline cut, it would be available?!... respectfully, the former option while seemly sensible, is a manufacturer's potential nightmare and the latter that is just too much to expect.

The customer is sometimes right... call your next door neighbor and borrow a carving knife... why buy another you'll probably never use again just to give away a second time...
Case Cruzer is Who I used and they do use CAD to desigh interior of case to you exact specs. Trust me you don't won't pick and pluck or foam you cut with a knife.
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