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PAT TRAP- im told it is an SW model - i purchased it from the neb city gun club w/250,000 thrown - ive owned it approx 12 yrs- last fall i had it went through with updates and oil changed for cold weather fast start up and probably threw 15,000 this past winter and spring - counter shows 744,000-
this will throw singles and doubles - not sure on capacity but think its 500 targets
its been a very good machine - i can give contact info ,for rebuild thrower mechanic
i use cantebury wireless mics but do have a standard factory pull cord
i would sell thrower and cantebury mics — $4700
thrower sold seperate - $3950
cantebury wireless system with stands $1200 ( i will sell thrower first)
FOB Rock Port , Mo NW MO.
wally riebesell 660-744-4115




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