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passing of an Ohio great

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William A. Gerber passed away on January 8, 2011 at the age of 84. Bill has numerous shooting championships to his name which I will post when they are organized. Bill was a member of the ATA since 1961 as well as an active local club member holding the office of Vice President at Dover Bay Gun Club and Sportsmen's Gun and Reel Club.

Feel free to post good memories of Bill and they will be passed along to the family. This is a great loss to the sport for anyone who knew Bill, he was truly an ambassador to the sport of trapshooting.

Chris Hevener
SGR Secretary
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The following is a compilation of Bill's trapshooting accomplishments:

•Joined the ATA and registered his first targets in 1961.
•To-date has shot at 99,075 singles, 86,900 Handicap, and 42,500 Doubles.
•Enjoyed most of his career as AA-27-A
•Vice President of Dover Bay Gun Club
•Vice President of Sportsman Gun & Reel
•Won several major Trophies at:
The Ohio State Shoot, West Virginia State Shoot, Zippo and Case Knife shoots, championships at Middletown Ohio, Great Lakes Grand’s and Grand Americans

won the Ohio State Singles, Handicap, High Over-All, and High All Around championships.

won the Grand American Clay Target Championship SV with 200 straight, ran 200 straight on class day, and 100 straight in champion of champions.

2000 Ohio State shoot won seven (7) SV trophies.

N.E. zone championship with the only 200 straight in the entire State of Ohio.

Grand Clay Target Championship (200 straight).

Zippo singles champion (200 straight).

Grand Clay Target Championship -- Veteran Champ (200).

Grand Doubles Championship -- Veteran Champ (97).

Grand All-Around -- Veteran Champ (386 + 37 sh).

Grand All-Around -- Veteran Champ (385).

Grand HOA -- Veteran Champ (957x1,000).

Great Lakes Grand -Vet Champ singles.

West Virginia State - Singles Champion.

Grand President's Handicap -- Veteran Champ (98 from 26).

Grand Champion of Champions -- Veteran 3rd (99 + 23 sh).

Grand Doubles Class Championship -- Senior Veteran Champ (98).

Grand HOA -- Senior Veteran Champ (954x1,000).

Grand Clay Target Championship SV – 200.

200 straight on class day.

100 straight in champion of champions.

Ohio State Singles Championship -- Senior Veteran Champ (198).

Grand Singles Class Championship -- Senior Veteran Champ (200 + 25 sh).

Grand Clay Target Championship -- Senior Veteran Champ (200).

Grand Champion of Champions -- Senior Veteran Runner-up (100 + 24 sh).

Great Lakes Grand Singles Championship -- Senior Veteran Runner-up.

Great Lakes Grand All-Around -- Senior Veteran (380).

Five (5) times on the All-American team.

Twelve (12) times on the Ohio State team.

The information was provided by Robert Hartman and is only a highlight of Bill's accomplishments as a trapshooter.

Sorry I did not have dates to go with the achievements but will do my best to obtain those records and post them promptly. There will also be a posting in Trap and Field.

-Chris Hevener
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