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Parts for SUPERIOR trap machine

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Does anyone know if parts for the Superior Trap machines are still available, and who may supply them?
I believe Superior is no longer made, but someone may still service with parts.
Thanks in advance for any information.

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Creek... Try this:

Superior Trap

17641 No. Black Canyon Hwy.

Suite C

Phoenix, AZ. 85023

Ph: 602.548.2262

Ask for either Von or Mark...

Dan Thome (Trap2)
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I heard that they are no longer in business, and when I call them it is a "non-working number".

If you know of another number, or place of business they may be at I would appreciate the information.
Thanks for your reply,

John..... Sorry to hear that. You might try calling Al at Quality Replacement Parts at 800.742.0425. They originally sold Superior Traps. Our club currently has one that is just sitting in our shed. It is in great working condition and I think the club would sell it if you're interested. PM me if you want to know more...... Dan
Thanks again Dan, I will call Al over there. I am not looking for a machine; I was offered a machine for a very low price, but I didn't want to get a "great deal on a headache", if parts are not available.
It appears there are still parts out there,

John.... I have worked on Traps for over 20 years. The Superior trap uses a lot of parts that are readily available from Graingers. I bought, and sold, a lot of parts for them over the years, and installed more than I care to remember. While I don't work on them any more, the early Superiors with the mechanical firing system was one of the simplest, and easiest, traps to work on I ever encountered. The later ones that were used more for sporting clays fired electronically and had quite a delay in them..... The quality, and the popularity, of the Superior traps declined somewhat after the introduction of this feature.... Just my opinion... Dan Thome (Trap2)
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