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This shotgun is one of the finest Parker Invincible upgrades done by Pachmayr. There are a number of the Packmayr upgrades around but they do not have nearly the number of special treatments this gun has. Im told this shotgun was probably sold for more than $70k at that time.

It is an original DHE Trap with extremely rare 32 inch vent rib barrels (Parker made fewer than 500 vent rib barrels of all kinds in total so finding a 32 in vent rib barrel is rare). There are far more 30 inch trap shotguns by Parker than the rare 32 in vent rib shotgun of any type.

The engraving was done by Boucher and is signed on the lower right side of the frame. Please notice the high relief background engraving on the receiver (with side clips) and the high relief gold birds and dogs. Many of the Pachmayr upgrades have normal scroll engraving with two dimensional birds and dogs, not the high relief engraving on this shotgun. Also this shotgun has 31 gold letters and numbers plus 14 gold birds and dogs. There are also wedges of engraving at the muzzle and breech ends of the barrels. The pierced top lever is also scroll engraved. There is a single selectable trigger with the L and R in gold plus a tang mounted safety with the SAFE in gold.

The stock is English Walnut with a pistol grip forearm with the fancy line checkering and an Old English recoil pad

Stock Dimensions:
1.60 x 2.36
Length of pull 14.625 to recoil pad and 14 inch to end of wood
No palm swell

Barrel specs:
32 inch
Right barrel bore .733
Left barrel bore .732
Right barrel fixed choke at .030
Left barrel fixed choke at .034

Complete gun weighs 8lbs 1-5/8oz



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Dumb question - but what frame size is it??

Oh, and do you know who made the selective trigger??

Thank you.
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