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P/W Multiple Gauge Owners - Neat item Coming

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I've been working with one of our own TS.COM members from Canada to get a production design and manufacture of a great item for P/W onwers.

He/his relation is just finishing up a beautiful box that will house each of the gauges for storing and keeping clean and together.

It is pretty much in the final stage of design and manufacture. It is CNC machined of finished particle board presently with a white finish. Beautiful design set up to hold the toolhead, all the dies and related components all in a compact box dust-free, etc.

I am thinking that they will come to my shop disassembled, and I will do the rest to ship them out to interested parties.

When I get the final approval, I will release photos and pricing information. I suspect they will be very reasonably priced and quite the "have-to-have" item to safely and easily store each toolhead in all the gauges: 12, 16, 20, 28, and 410 in a keep-together design.

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Rooster: I'd like to answer that, but I don't have a 375 in the shop to measure the distance between to centers of the two up-right posts.

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