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P/W 800 Plus purchase, Dealer or Factory?

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I am thinking about buying a P/W 800 plus and was wondering if it matters weather you buy from a dealer or the factory. I believe the price is the same either way. Any advice is appreciated. thanks, Dale
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Just got mine from Jim Skeel.Jim was great to deal with!Also on TS.
+1 on Whiz White.

If you are near Jacksonville, FL. Jim Cunningham is pretty good also.
Another strong vote for Whiz. He is your go to guy with any questions or learning curve that will certainly come up. You won't find better to deal with!
I know your question was "dealer or factory", and all the suggestions were very good choices, but if you keep watching the F/S category, you can find one that is in very good condition for a very reasonable price.

I have had many excellent deals with Whiz. B.C.
A gentleman on here by the name of John Ertel had a used one for sale, that was in very good condition and reasonable asking price. I would have bought but I found one with a motor as well. He may still have it for sale if you want used. I don't recall his screen name.
Go with a dealer. They are the guys who support this site and work hard to provide customer service. Jim Skeel has some cool pieces-parts, especially the terrific machined aluminum top plate; but he doesn't do credit cards, so there's the check delay, thing. Jim White is on the phone in a minute and ships the same day with your card, + he's the go to guy for information & diagrams on his great website. Jim Cunningham, in FL, has amazing shipping and has a bunch of hard to find parts, plus he attends the big shoots here in the East.
I am in process of buying one of Jim Skeel's alum base.
Another vote for Whiz White. I'm sure the other gentlemen mentioned are good also but I haven't dealt with them.

I'd be happy to give you a price on an 800+. Come warm weather I'll be at a registered shoot each weekend somewhere in New England so contact should not be a problem. I'm located in NH. Check your PM.

Doug Whiton, P/W dealer/dist
Whiz, flat out "THE BEST"!!!!!

Mark Schneider
Buy a used one here, and save some cash. Just put a WTB message in the WTB category.
This site has an outstanding support network for P/W. I'd almost have to draw a name from hat if forced to pick just one.
Email or PM me with your shipping address for a competitive quote including the shipping.

Jim Skeel<br>P/W Dealer/Distributor

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I have a new Patriot 12 gauge, my own personal one that has reloader NO MORE than 250 SHELLS on it. I want $1100 out of it, or a new one is $1250. It was the very first Patriot ever shipped out of the factory.

I just don't reload much any more. I just shoot new shells and let'm fly.

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Whiz is the go-to guy for PW loaders. Remember, "service after the sale" is worth a lot. Bob
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