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P, K & K OU dynamics for doubles

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Greetings all. In the hunt for a doubles gun. Interested in comments from shooters, regarding gun barrel length and handling dynamics, who have owned and shot doubles with ALL three platforms: Perazzi, Krieghoff and Kolar. I'm leaning toward a high rib adjustable model. For what it's worth, I shoot a DT-10 unsingle and like the way it swings and handles. I'm 5'9, 175 lbs. and thin in the face. Thanks for your time and consideration on this quest.
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Why don't you try a set of Optima o/u barrels for your DT-10 receiver. They are very light and fast moving. Check with Joel Etchen's. They have barrels that should fit.
To dls guide. That's who I bought the gun from a year ago. They didn't have any unsingle combo's. I've checked with the "majors" and even called Beretta. No o/u barrels to be found. I even inquired about DT-11 barrel fitting. Beretta says it can't be done, Coles/Etchen aren't sure if it can be fit. Plus, I don't want to hold my breath waiting on Beretta to release the DT-11 trap guns in the US, let alone barrels. Thus I'm looking for a new platform for the o/u.
BTW, thanks to those that replied so far.
To 1Perazzi: not familiar enough with the P guns, what does the /3 indicate?
Hi Derek. The 3 is for the adjustable notches on the rib. Primarily a doubles trap configuration but I find that with a simple adjustment I can shoot skeet, Trap, Bunker or sporting.
Shot and owned them all, Blaser is light years ahead of the rest.
Thanx guys, keep it coming.

1Perazzi: thanx for the clarification on the rib notches. Actually I'm interested in trying the MX2005 iteration.

Shooting Coach: Interested in more input from you concerning the "wow" factor of the Blaser over the others.

Tks, Derek
Last fall I ran the Bunker during our Southeast Regional Collegiate Championship shoot.

I was offered the chance to shoot a variety of guns. I shot Perazzi's, of which I have owned several, Krieghoff's, of which I have owned a bunch, and four different Blasers, 30", 32", and 34".

I shot 14 Bunker targets with four Blasers and hit 14 birds with the first barrel. Even the 34" gun swooped right to the bird. Made me think about it.

A while later, I shot a 32" demo that belonged to the club Pro. Ran the Singles, dropped 2 on the 27, and shot 88 on the Bunker. Found the Trap and Bunker gun from Heaven!

Bought it on the spot. Sold my Trap and Bunker guns.

Later on, shot a round of Skeet with it. Sold my Skeet gun.

Shot a round of Sporting with it, you guessed it. Sold the Sporter.

I still cannot believe how lively and versatile the gun is. Bought a 34" Low Rib barrel for it, shot it Thursday, and was amazed all over again. I have had to lay off shooting since late last fall and shot like I had not laid off four months.

Got the 32" barrel sent out getting tubed. Every time I mount the gun I am glad I bought it, and don't miss the good guns it replaced.

I couldn't be happier with it. WOW!!!!!!!
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I got it! This is the same way I feel about my Perazzi and yes I have owned all the aforementioned guns as well. Bottom line is what fits you! P.S. Perazzi took 12 of the 15 metals at the last Olympics.
It appears that you are ready to spend some dollars ... do yourself a favor and go shoot them all, before you buy. Try the different barrel lengths, even different POIs on the barrels can make a difference. I just got my O/U Kolar barrel back from Kolar and they changed the POI on the barrels for me, big difference already. Bill Malcolm
Again, thanks to all posters. The hitch is where I can shoot all the platforms on a given day. I do believe it takes more than one round out of a gun to get settled in to your "normal" routine. Saw it plenty when I ran a Sporting Clays club. Put a new gun into a shooters hand and they seemed to concentrate better and shot better... now that was normally only the first go with it.

I know perception plays a part in it. My DT10 is a "heavy" gun but it just seems to mount/swing effortlessly. Perhaps minutely less so than a friends MX2005 un that I shot this morning. That gun almost levitates to my face and balances beautifully. It requires no head movement or "getting" into the gun Also shot his Guerini "clone" a couple months back and ran the field with it; also the 1st time I ever shot a release trigger. I'm sure I can adapt to a gun, but I would rather it just be a "part of me" from the get go.

Shooting Coach, sounds like you are serious into all the clay disciplines. Gun dynamics are more important in the low mount gun games like Sporting Clays and Skeet(if shot that way). Your comments are appreciated. Dawson is reasonably close to me and pushes the Blaser as the best of the best.

Thanks for everyones feed back so far.
Derek Dickson
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My MX-3 is probably configured as a Bunker gun because it has 29 1/2" barrels and tight chokes. At my age 73 I don't think I could handle a Kolar O/U very well because of its weight.
The Kolar and Krieghoff are heavy, ponderous guns. The Perazzi is light and lively, but it helps to be a gunsmith if you own one. My Perazzi's beat on me if I shot a lot in a day.

The Blaser handles a lot like the Perazzi, without being a parts and service hog.

My gun is light and lively, but still does not beat on me if I shoot a flat through it in a day. This tells me the gun FITS with the factory stock.

I shoot pre-mount on Skeet, Trap, and Bunker, low gun on Sporting. The Blaser works astonishingly well for me. It feels like it was made for each game.

The more I shoot it, the better it feels, and the better I shoot it. Darndest gun I have ever shot!
I have a Blaser Super Trap. I bought it for the adjustability and the trigger. It is very adjustable. However, what was pleasantly surprising after I bought it was the gun was the lack of muzzle rise on the second shot from the top barrel. Most every other O/U I've shot had noticeable muzzle rise on the second shot. I really like mine.
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