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P B Powder in a Fed. Paper hull question

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PB powder reloding information on the IMR website is zero. If I remember right. Years ago, we just added a grain of powder to what was used in a fed. plastics. I don't think I would be a danger to myself or others doing so. I am going to load a hundred or so with 21 grains of PB Powder, a winchester 209 primer, spolar wad, and an ounce and eighth of shot. I like a very soft load. Can anyone tell me what there load is with PB . Please remember I am not looking for alot of recoil.Or anything less than an ounce and an eigth.I will call IMR next week, but figured I would get some response here. I have never loaded a shell that is not published by the powder companys web site.But figured I am safe loading on the bottom end of a load.
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My first PW was set up for Fed paper, fed 12C1 wad & fed 209 with 1 1/8 shot. PB 20.5 & 22 gr. for light or heavy.
They will tell you to use gold medal recipes. Jeff
Hodgdon Powder runs IMR now. IMR never had much data for PB and Federal papers, so Hodgdon won't either. However, a few years back, they told me to add 1/2 grain
more of PB using the Gold Medal data. JT's loads are right on.

The Spolar wad is a Windjammer. IMR reloading guide shows 21Gr of PB, Win primer,Gold Medal hull 1 1/8 on the low side for any wad. 1100fps

No paper listing. Sounds ok but don't take my word for it.
I have been loadfing fed papers for a few years and I use 7625 with gold medal hull data
All of my reloading data steming back to 1970's lists PB 1oz loads with FED 209 not 209A primers which are hotter than 209's. In every case the paper hulls call for a 1/2 grain more than equivalent load in plastic hulls including Gold medal's. I would refer to Gold Medal 1oz loads as you baseline and bump them 1/2 grain.

Pull Pull, a low recoil devastating on clays load Fed. papers, 21.5 gr.PB, 1 1/8 of mag shot now very important federal 12s4 wad [brown] which is an 1 1/4 wad but fills case and seals perfectly. Federal or Winchester primers incinerate em!
Years ago (1999) I shot PB for handicap and also used Federal papers when I could find the hulls. I could not find any loadings so I emailed IMR and asked for both 2 3/4 and 3 dram loads using Federal paper hulls, Winchester 209, and Federal 12S3 with 1 1/8 ounce of shot. I kept the information that they replied with as you never know when you might need it.

2 3/4 dram load - 23.0 gr. PB will give you 1145 fps at 6400 psi

3 dram load - 24.4 gr. PB will give you 1200 fps at 7200 psi

copied from my email from IMR dated 07-06-1999
21gr. PB Federal Paper hull,Federal 12S3,Federal 209A primer 1 1/8 Mag shot
Duplicates the factory Extra-Lite load almost no recoil but will break em from
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