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Over $300 to first person with 50 Straight!!!

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On Sunday March 18th there will be an ATA shoot at Birmingham Gun Club.

The first person to shoot 50 straight in handicap wins over $300. Registration starts at 8:30 and shooting at starts at 9:30. Breakfast and lunch is available at the club.

There will be 100 singles. 100 HCP and 50 pairs of Doubles.

The weather is getting better so come out and win some money!

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I will try to find out but I am 90% sure it is the first shooter to break 50 straight.

The club has had this going for a number of shoots - adding a bit more $$ every time. It has been months since someone "hit". It has been slow over the winter with people either put off by the cold or worried about keeping their averages.

Heck the winning HCP score at the last shoot was 84!!!! And only half a dozen of us braved the conditions.

Anyway, even if the prize money is not split up, it is a decent incentive to come out and play. Like RC said, "sign up early".

Hope to see a bunch of you there. I'll be the guy with black Krieghoff side shields stinking up the place - if you want to say HI.

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