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Outstanding podcast that strikes home with all Governing Bodies of shooting sports

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Scott Robertson : Shotgun Sports USA Podcast | Sporting Clays, Trap and Skeet Shooting

Take a listen and see if it makes sense to you and also recognize some names mentioned that have had their "fingers" in the management of all of our shooting
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I thought that was a great podcast. I have only been shooting a couple of years so, I just have to take him at his word. From what others have told me, he is right on and is not afraid to tell it like it is. The interesting parts to me were where he talked about the prices of land making it impossible for new gun clubs to take off. He said anything more than $3,000-$5000 an acre and gun clubs just cant make it work. That helps explain why there are so few places to shoot in my area.

He also talks about the difficulty of convincing new shooter to shoot registered targets. How do you get new people excited about winning "points and punches"?

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I lived through the time period of NSCA [1989-2001] that Scott speaks about in the podcast. Knew all the names he mentioned, served on the Advisory Council representing Remington and fully agree with his evaluation of the "political" aspects of the sport.
Much the same can be said about the history of the ATA management except that organization has a 3x+ longer one. In any amateur association there will be agendas galore and opinions on what to "do" about growth and participation.
I also remember the "...15 year old, snotty kid..." that Scott mentioned and had a round with him, myself. But he has a good head on his shoulders now and has had some very good marketing ideas over the years. His experience with Fiocchi sponsorship and their reaching a market share goal has happened within EVERY industry company at some time or another; nothing new or unique.
All it takes is money, time and commitment over the long haul to grow any of our shooting sports but part of the 'charm' of all of them is the "amateur" status. Without that, what would we all have to bitch about?? :unsure: 😄
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