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**OT 1750 to 1900 circa Hawkes FS**

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Pipe Musical instrument

Musical instrument Pipe Khlui Folk instrument Indian musical instruments

Musical instrument

Some very unique history replica's. Different Indian Hawkes from Western and Eastern tribes, All metal is hand forged, of coarse the the peace pipe was made from cut off muzzle loader barrels. These are 100% Authentic replica's, the silver inlays are the original pewter they used. If you research these, there is a bounty full of info. Just something I've played with and perfected over the years. Prices vary from 225. to 750. depending on style, circa and tribe, it's a labor of love, trust me, Doug
One interesting fact; the western hawkes were thin, only used for fighting. The Eastern hawkes were thicker at the handle for dual purpose, fighting, hunting and carving. It's a shame what we loose in advanced education.....Doug